Chinese food Delivery Wichita KS

The Great Wall - Wichita, KS, United States5 check-ins

For all my hemming and hawing about the crappiness of Americanized Chinese food compared to something with authenticity, sometime you just want something quick and easy. You especially want it when it's Christmas Eve and 95% of Wichita was closed as of four o'clock in the afternoon.

There's a bunch of Great Wall restaurants around the city, but I don't how much association they have with each other. Perhaps it was a loose sharing of name to create an image of brand identity. Perhaps it's just a coincidence and all of these restaurants just chose the most generic Chinese restaurant name of all time. Whatever the case, this Great Wall seems independently owned, which I liked.

The dish itself wasn't very memorable - I always order the Szechuan something in hopes of getting some spice, and it had some fresh wok-fried veggies cooked in a generic and mildly spicy sauce. It's probably not what Chinese people eat, but it's certainly what I ate, and it was good enough to return the next time I have a craving for Chinese takeout.

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