Food Delivery South Beach

Jayson Koss - Bringing the GoodWHY DELIVERY DUDES

Sometimes you're too busy. Sometimes you're too tired. Sometimes your underwear is too awesome to wear pants over. The reasons to call Delivery Dudes are endless because almost anything is more fun than battling traffic, finding parking and picking up take-out.

Here's how it works: Hunger strikes, so you head to Peruse the menus of your favorite local restaurants. Once you've decided what you're craving you can either place your order with us online or over the phone. Then, while you're kicking your feet up and starting a NetFlix binge or working on your Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, we're racing around town picking up your food faster than you thought humanly possible, for just five bucks. We pride ourselves on our radical, hilarious, and friendly staff along with the spectacular variety of partner restaurants.

Sure you know how Delivery Dudes works, but do you know how to get creative with it?

  • Order a picnic to the park!
  • Surprise your girlfriend by sending her a tasty dessert and bottle of wine.
  • Settle the argument of what's for dinner by ordering from multiple restaurants.
  • Have a Dude grab groceries and save yourself a trip to the store.


Our standard cash delivery fee is $5 and if you're using a credit card it's $7. Cash orders receive a $2 discount. If we're stopping at multiple restaurants, each stop is an additional $5. So for example, if you order from two restaurants and pay with a credit card your delivery charge will be $12.



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Popular Q&A

What kind of South Beach Diet foods are available?

The South Beach Diet range includes smoothies, snack bars and some low calorie treats including chocolate. There are also some meal replacement products such as bars and ready meal lunch packs including tuna or chicken, crackers, dairy free cheese and a treat.

Where is there Chinese delivery in South Beach Miami?

China Grill Miami 404 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139, Ph: 305-534-2211.

What are south beach diet foods?

The main foods for the south beach diet are frozen meals sold under the south beach diet label. These include things like pizza, chicken, and pasta dishes. Fruits and vegetables are also desirable on the south beach diet.

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