Healthy food Delivery Vancouver

For several years now, we’ve gotten weekly food deliveries from a Vancouver company called SPUD, or Sustainable Produce, Urban Delivery. (nb this is an affiliate link - you save $20 on first delivery, see below) We signed up for it originally because we liked the idea of weekly milk and eggs delivery. Since then, it’s become our primary (though not our only) grocery source, and we order about $80 to $130 a week through the service.

What they Offer

SPUD is a full blown grocery delivery service, but their focus is definitely on organic foods. There’s very few “mass market” brands like nestle, kraft or the like to be found at SPUD and we like that. They started, as I understand it, as a year round source for organic fruits and vegetables, but have since expanded quite a bit in their offerings.

imageWe really like that the offer products from sustainable, transparent companies - companies that have good reputations for food ethics. We buy most of our meats through SPUD because they get their meats from Two Rivers Meats, a butcher on the North Shore that sources super ethical foods.

Breads, most of the dairy, eggs, butter, all the other basic staples are available and also locally sourced, and often organic as well. There’s a crazy wide selection of breads from a variety of local bakers; on dairy your choices are more limited but Avalon milk is the main source and their milk is awesome.

If you want to eat primarily 100 mile food (that’s food grown or produced within 100 miles of your home), SPUD even has a section of their website that allows you to shop only true local. I really like that option, and sometimes will pay the extra 10, 20% for something that is truly local and small scale operations - support your local businesses kind of thing, but also has a dramatic effect on your carbon footprint.

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