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Sandwiches TorontoThe best late night sandwiches in Toronto can be the heros of a wild night out, providing fuel to keep the party going or the satisfying end after last call. Even in the off-hours, the breadth of flavours and varieties is hardly limited; grilled cheese, classic subs, slow-cooked pulled meats and Banh Mi are easily found on late night menus across the city; proving that Toronto's top notch take-out counters, diners and snackbars aren't just last resorts, but destinations in their own right.

Here is the list of best late night sandwiches in Toronto.

Barton Snacks might be best known for serving up diminutive hot dogs and tacos until 3am (4am on weekends) seven days (ahem, nights) a week, but sandwiches here are the real unsung heros.Lou Dawg's For a more substantial bite, opt for the slow cooked Beef Brisket ($9) or Jerk Pulled Pork ($8) on a coco bun. More »

This beloved dive (open until at least 3am everyday except Sunday), has been in business for almost 40 years serving up inexplicably tasty submarine sandwiches that predate the standardized chain versions that have otherwise ruined all interest in subs for me. Those in the know swear by the Bacon Sub ($7) or opt for the namesake Belly Buster that comes topped with salami, roast beef and mushrooms (.25). Additional fresh toppings discretional. More »

Barton SnacksThe Loosey and the Bulogi Cheese Steak are the sammies of choice at this late night Ossington haunt. The first is like a mini Mac on toast where the second is melds sweetly marinated Korean ribs with the greasy, cheesy influence of Philly. Thankfully, the kitchen is open right up until last call. More »

Belly Buster SubmarinesThis Italian bakery and hot table is the place to go for not just a decent, but absolutely awesome veal (.25) or breaded chicken cutlet (.50) sandwich at any ungodly of hour of the night. Both North York locations are open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for whenever a craving strikes. More »

After last call, the Dundas West bar crowd heads to this reliable, 24-hour eatery to feast on sammies like, the ever satisfying Fried Cornflake ChIcken ($13) and the peameal and melted cheddar topped, Captain Canuck ($9.50). Served with fries and greens, these big portions offer convenience, deliciousness and value in equal parts. More »

This sandwich shop might claim to be a healthy choice, but don't be fooled. Most of the hot and cold footlongs on the menu thankfully come with inch-thick layers of meat and are then topped with cheese, special sauce and gratuitously seasoned, fried potato sticks. Craveable menu entires include the stomach fortifying, Pizza Sandwich ($9) and Hot Beef ($9). Open until 4am on weekends. More »

Oddseoul Commisso Brothers & Racco Italian Bakery Lakeview Restaurant Haida Sandwich
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