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When Hunger Strikes at Midnight: Delhi's Late Night Home DeliveriesIt’s 2am. That bar just closed or worse you just got done with work and you’re suddenly starving. Delhi is a city that never sleeps and never stops eating. And yet, when hunger strikes at an odd hour, it is bad enough that you’re greeted with ‘kitchen’s closed’ or perhaps the day's leftovers.

Luckily, some places are willing to wait up for the eager night owls. With a new breed of home deliveries mushrooming in the Capital, a diverse set of dining options are available for those who wish to dine late. You don't have to search the streets or turn to takeaways, they make sure good food is delivered where you want and when you want. Here are six places that will always have something to curb your appetite from sunset to sunrise. Eat in.

Lettuce Eat
The newest kid on the block, Lettuce Eat offers variety at its best. Forget searching for mystical fast food joints when you can get yourself a seriously satisfying meal at home. From the house of Harisons Caterers, it lures foodies with its beloved dishes now delivered at your doorstep. The food is as good as ever. The Sholay Kebabs are fiery, bite in and wait for your tongue to start tingling. The best things I’ve sampled on their menu is the Keema Rice and the Mud Cake. On a blurry night, I’ll most certainly get both and something more.

Must have: Ari Gold Pounder Burger, Keema Rice, Mud Cake, Cold Coffee, Sholay Kebab Roll
Timing: 7pm to 3am
Where: Kitchen in Chattarpur, Delivery Across South Delhi
Contact: 00, +050, Order online at

Sushi Haus
If you’re late-night hunger pangs demand something fancy, sushi can be as satisfying as healthy. It's worth the late night splurge to feel better next morning. Choose from both traditional and creative preparations. It’s open all-day, all-night which means you can get your sushii fix whenever the craving strikes. Best news ever.

Must have: Spicy Salmon Roll, Prawn Tempura, California Roll and Asparagus Tempura
Timing: 12pm to 4am
Where: Across South Delhi
Contact:, 03, Order online at

Room Service
Sweet, snacky, hearty or meaty, this multi-cuisine spot offers all that you’re looking for after knocking down a few too many cocktails. North Indian, Fast Food and Continental - with everything under one roof, they aim at delivering freshly cooked meals. What more could you want after midnight? They serve you for an extra hour than others even as the sun comes up.

Must have: Momos, Peri Peri Pasta, Chicken Shawarma
Timing: 8pm to 5pm
Where: Kitchen in GK1, Delivery Across South Delhi
Contact: +666

Baking Bad
Pizzas from Baking Bad are the perfect indulgence on a late and tipsy night. You can make your own pizza by choosing the crust, cheese, sauce, and toppings along with a side of sliders or hummus-pita and keep the party going till all hours of the night. Extra cheese and bacon. Round the clock. Hell, yes!
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